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Not-So-Stupid Pet Tricks Contest

photo Got a pet who's a brilliant and gifted performer? Here's your chance to show off his or her skills during The Kansas City Pet Telethon! We're looking for fun, safe and unusual tricks that can be performed live on our telethon on Sunday, March 11. Pets must perform voluntarily and be treated humanely, and pet parents must provide any needed props. Pet tricks will be broadcast live from KSHB studios in Kansas City, MO between 6:30-9:30 pm. If your pet trick is chosen we will assign a time for you and your pet to appear.

To enter, complete the form below and upload a video of your
pet's special trick. Entries must be received by
February 23, 2018.

View the Pet Tricks flyer >

Do you have friends with talented pets? Please help us spread the word about about our Pet Tricks Contest!


For more info contact Suzanne at 913-596-1000 x. 115 or send an email.